Useful apps and stuff.

Following on from last nights “Gear’s & Gadget’s” evening hosted by Shay, I’d like to share with you a couple of the apps I discussed last night and (one I forgot to discuss).

But first here is details on the Black Rapid strap I showed you last night.

I purchased mine from Amazon back in 2011 and you can view the one I have here. (At today’s Stg Conversion it would cost approx. €65 + P&P)

Here is their website with details of all their latest products which includes details on the “Tripod plate” that a couple of people had queries on.

Useful Apps on your smart phone for Photography

  1. “Tides Near Me” (Free) is a simple app to use with a user friendly interface detailing when the last high tide was, the next low tide, sunset & Moon set. It also has all these details for the week ahead. You can review this on their webpage here and from there you can download the app for Android or Apple. Very useful for seascapers!
  2. “LongTime Pro” (€0.99) is an extremely useful app if you intend doing some long exposure photography. The full title of the app is “Longtime Exposure Calculator”. The purpose of this app is to understand how long you need to keep your shutter open for when applying filters creating a “long exposure” which gives you that creamy effect when photographing water. There is some guidance here  on how to prepare for this process but the app simply tells you if your camera is reading an exposure of for example 1/125 without your filters (taken in Aperture priority) – applying a big stopper (10 stops) would require you to leave your shutter open for 8 seconds (however there is a school of though that you should go 50% more for perfection so I would encourage in this example leaving shutter open for 12 seconds. If you intend downloading this app make sure you pick this one – there are numerous apps out there serving the same purpose – having tried a number of them I find the interface on this the simpliest.
  3. “TPE” (€8.99) – The Photographers Ephemeris. The best way to describe this app is “It’s a beast” of an app and thus is reflected in the app price. (If an app is €9 then you know an awful lot of work has gone into it.) Quoting from their website (Click here)“The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE) helps plan outdoor photography shoots in natural light, particularly landscape and urban scenes. It’s a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land, day or night, for any location on earth. Created for photographers by a photographer in 2009, TPE is a software tool available for desktop and mobile devices to help you plan outdoor photography shoots to ensure the best possible natural light.”

    Key features

    • Time and direction of sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset
    • Phase of the moon and % illumination
    • Times of civil, nautical and astronomical twilight
    • Graphical display on a wide selection of map types
    • Two topographical/terrain map types
    • Two offline map options
    • Movable map pins: drag and drop the pin exactly where you need it
    • Track curent heading using compass (on compatible devices)
    • Shadow lengths displayed to scale on map
    • Save any location you want: no fixed lists
    • Celestial events including moon phases, apogee, perigee, solstice, equinox
    • Does not require network connection for rise/set time, azimuths and sun/moon position
  4. “Lenstag” – “Register once, protect forever” – in a nutshell this is a simple app whereby you register your camera gear (with serial numbers etc.) and in the event that it is stolen and images taken by your stolen gear appear on line you have a chance of getting it back. Read here. Of course there are plenty of other websites offering similar services using different methods. Here is a couple of examples , . But there are some very interesting gadgets out there to help you trace missing stuff – bar codes, movement alarms, proximity smart alarms etc. etc. –  all this info is covered in this article