Hi Folks

I know that you are all anxiously waiting for the competition themes for the coming year –

Below you will find the details for the themes, the submission dates, judging dates and format for the coming year.

Each member may submit 2 images into each monthly competition – 1 for the theme and 1 open. The mounted images will be collected on entry date and nearer the time you will be given instructions re submitting the projected images entries which this year will be the September and October competitions.

For the 5 competitions where the images need to be mounted they must be presented on 16” x 20” mount boards

These mount boards will be available to buy in the club at the beginning of the year in Sept

There will be more information re ordering when we return in September.

I will give more details close to the competition dates with some guidelines where required.

Themes for the 2015-16 club year.

This year we have had a slight change to how the themes are presented.  We believe it should be easier for members to know what is required from each theme and it only remains for you to be as creative as possible within the meaning of the theme.  It should also make it clearer and easier for judges to mark the competition.

As below the theme has a Title and a Description to guide you and the judge.


Title Description Date Format
  Collected Judging
Clips, Clamps & Connectors They hold things together, or in place. We can’t get along without them, but we rarely notice them. For this theme, take a close look at some clips, clamps & other connectors, and show us what you see in a creative way. Sept 24th Oct 1st ProjectedCol or Mono
Shallow Depth of Field: Create an image with an extremely shallow depth of field (DOF) to create a single point of focus in an image. Shallow dof is often used to isolate a subject from its surrounding environment or to make it stand out. Find a creative use of a shallow depth of field for this theme. Oct 29th Nov 12th ProjectedCol or Mono
Urban Dereliction  Our villages, towns and cities have their own life cycle including their own form of demise before being rejuvenated.   Take an image that captures the feeling of urban dereliction. Nov 26th Dec 3rd Print: Mono
Silhouette:  Silhouette photography is all about shape and form and less about the detail.  What you need is interesting backlight to give you the form and interest. Jan 25th Feb 3rd Print: Col
Tradesman / Tradeswoman Tradesmen! You know the guys and gals; they fix our TVs, they wire our houses, they do the plumbing, they build the furniture, they butcher our animals, they… You get the idea. Show us a tradesman (or woman) at work. Feb 25th Mar 3rd Print: Mono
Night Photography:  Creating images at night which can portray great dynamism and atmosphere, think of long exposures, trailing lights, stars & galaxies, northern lights, moon photography, city lights and forms April 28th May 5th Print: Col
Broken:  For this theme, capture something broken: an old window, a vintage sign, a toy never fixed. Or go deeper: find beauty in something broken. May 26th June 2nd Print: Mono



The dates may have to be changed occasionally

  • Judges score the competitions as normal out of 50, but will be instructed to have a clear 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
  • The Judges will be instructed to adhere to the System we want where 30 points is for the Theme and 20 points for the image
  • For the coming year we have dropped the weighted scoring system and reverted to the Judges scoring.


The final score for the league will be calculated on 5 rounds of the 7 rounds.

Members will drop their two lowest scores in the Open and two lowest scores in the theme, 

 Any queries please let us know



Ita Martin

Competition Secretary