Below you will find the details for the themes, the submission dates, judging dates (subject to change) and format for the coming year.

Each member may submit 2 images into each monthly competition – 1 for the theme and 1 open.

The mounted images will be collected in the club on entry date

For the projected images entries you will receive details re submitting later

For the 5 competitions where the images need to be mounted they must be presented on 16” x 20” mount boards

I will give more details close to the competition dates with some guidelines where required:


Round Entry Date Theme Format Judging Date
1 25th Sept 2014 Nature Colour  2nd Oct 2014
2 23rd Oct 2014 Street Mono  6th Nov 2014
3 27th Nov 2014 Textures Colour 4th Dec 2014
4 29th Jan 2015 Energy Colour or Mono  Projected 5th Feb 2015
5 26th Feb 2015 Abandoned Mono 5th Mar 2015
6 30th April 2015 Delicate Colour 14th May 2015
7 28th May 2015 Blue Colour or Mono Projected 4th June 2015


As per the motion passed at the AGM we will have a new Weighted Scoring System this year, it will work as follows:

  1. Judges score the competitions as normal out of 50, but will be instructed to have a clear First, Second and Third.
  2. On assessing the scores, the Competitions’ Secretary allocates 20 points to First, 18 to Second, 17 to Third, 16 to Fourth, 15 to Fifth, 14 to Sixth, 13 to Seventh and all other entrants are given 12.
  3.     In the event of a tie for any places after Third, the average score would be allocated to each photographer. [Example 1: If there are 2 photographers on equal score and 5th & 6th is to be shared then each receives the average (15 +14)/2 = 14.5. Example 2: If 3 photographers are equal on 5th, 6th, 7th place, each receives the average (15+14+13)/3 = 14
  4.  The final score for the league will be calculated on 6 of the 7 rounds. Members will drop their lowest score in the Theme section and their lowest score in the Open section to calculate their final score in the league.

Any queries please let us know



Ita Martin

Competition Secretary